Thursday, March 26, 2015

Vegan Blueberry Banana Bread And Vegan Wheat Bread Recipies

Here are my two best recipes.   The banana bread is easy and you can use apple sauce in place of any liquids in sweet bread recipes.  The whole wheat bread recipe I found on line.  Very hard to find these recipes without oil, sugar, eggs, and milk but they do exist. 

The key to the whole wheat bread, which by the way if baked in a decent sized loaf pan makes excellent sandwish bread, is lots of kneading.  The instructions are so easy you can't mess it up.  Same goes for the pizza crust recipe.   One site,, has tons of recipes and always pops up in the search but they really don't have any true vegan recipes.   

Banana Blueberry Bread
2 cups whole wheat flour
2 cups mashed bananas (very ripe)
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2tsp salt
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 cup chopped nuts (I used walnuts)
1/2 cup fresh blueberries 

Mix dry and then add all other ingredients.  Bake in the oven for 50 - 60 minutes at 375F 

Vegan Wheat Bread Recipe

1 ¾ cups + 3 Tablespoons warm water
2 Tablespoons maple syrup or agave syrup
2 ¼ teaspoons, or one ¼ ounce package active dry yeast

4 cups whole wheat flour
1 ¾ teaspoons salt

1) Activate the yeast

In a small mixing bowl, whisk together the warm water, maple syrup and yeast. Let the mixture sit for about 10 minutes so the yeast activates.

2) Whisk together the dry ingredients

In a medium mixing bowl whisk together the whole wheat flour and salt.

3) Assemble the dough

Add the water mixture to the flour mixture and stir with a wooden spoon until the dough comes together into a sticky ball.

4) Knead the dough and let it rise

Transfer the dough to a clean surface. Knead for 12 to 15 minutes while adding flour only if the dough gets too sticky to work with. Form the dough into a ball and lightly coat it with oil. This will reduce the dough's tendency to dry out while it rises. Place it in a bowl, cover with a plastic bag and let it rise in a warm place until it's doubled in size, about 1 ½ hours. Alternatively, place in the refrigerator for about 12 to 24 hours. Remember that we want our dough to double in size regardless of whether it spends a full 24 hours in the refrigerator or rises at room temperature. Feel free to let it rise in the refrigerator for some of the time and outside of the refrigerator the rest of the time.

5) Let the dough rise once more

Degass the dough by pressing on it with dampened hands several times until no more gas comes out of the dough. Form the dough into a ball again and let it rise until it's doubled in size, about 1 ½ hours. If you did your last rise in the refrigerator, do this rise at room temperature and allow 4 hours of rise time.

6) Proof the dough

The dough can now be proofed by gently forming it into a lightly oiled loaf pan and allowed to sit covered with a plastic bag until it reaches about 80% to 90% of it's intended size, which should be about 40 minutes. The proofing stage is where the dough takes most of it's shape. It's important to leave room under the plastic bag so the dough can rise sufficiently.

7) Bake the vegan wheat bread to perfection

Preheat your oven to 375F (191C). 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Back To The Road Again

Digging the trench to install the water lines.  Work has been halten like everywhere else because of the rain.  Next will be the sewer drain.  Not sure when but progresss is progress.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

What A Wedding - I'm Beat

Most of you know I don't stay up late and I'm in bed by 10 p.m.  Yesterday we went to a wedding and if you've ever attended a Mexican wedding it lasts all night and that's no exaggeration.  I didn't attend the church wedding.  I waited until later for the dinner and reception.   

It was one of the best weddings I've ever been to and it was very close to home.  Less than 10 minutes from home.  It looks like the kind of place I want to have my 60th birthday party.

We spent time with the newlyweds, family and friends.  The party went on until after 1 a.m. although we left after 12:30.  I can't go home and go to sleep, I need about an hour to unwind and relax.  

Poncho and Mich (pronounced Mitch, just hitched)

The happy couple as they entered the reception.

First dance!

Several groups of friends were with us.

Finishing desert and then time to . . . 

Dance and party!

All night long!  

There were all kinds of party favors including hard hats for the YMCA dance, the robot on stilts came and danced with us, the conga line, and lots of LED hats, sunglasses and other favors (too many to remember after a few whiskey on the rocks).  But we had a good time.

Today I washed the car, the trailer, and worked around the house until we had a surprise visit from two of Juan's sisters.  Nobody ever surprises us with a visit and we just weren't ready but it turned out to be a fun afternoon.

Friday, March 20, 2015

The Week In Sixty Seconds

Okay, so the sun came out for two hours today.  Before I left I opened all the windows and doors, turned on all the ceiling fans, and left the front and back door open in hopes of airing out the humid cement block house.  Two lousy hours of sunshine and the rains started again.  Three more days of rain before we have a week of sunshine.  Enough of that.

Here is the week in pictures, enjoy:

Recovering from an accident!

Banana, blueberry nut bread.  No sugar, no oil, no milk and no eggs.  100% vegan

The fruits of my labor.  160 students take the TOEFL.  The official Test of English as a Second Language.  Not an easy task that has taken me two years to achieve.  Now on to the next step.

Even with all the rain and cold, Spring insists on doing its work that continues after 4 billion years.  A beautiful rose appears year after year in March.  The poor rose bush receives little to no attention.  Doesn't need it.  Mother Nature knows what to do.

My first ever Smart phone.  I ask you though, why do I not feel so "smart" now?

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Short Rv Trip - Very Short

Okay.  Thanks for the comments and they were motivating.  Although we won't go far, we will have wifi on this trip and it should be a good one.  

I am setting up the rv in the driveway this weekend and we will spend the night out there.  Doesn't sound far away but as Croft can attest to, the weather is not on our side.

The sun will shine tomorrow and then on Friday a cold front moves in with thunderstorms and rain throughout the weekend.

Hey, sleeping on wheels, the Mr. Heater keeping me warm, wifi and a cold vodka on the rocks.  Who could ask for more not to mention the company!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Take Me Now

To a place far far away where the sun is always shining and the rain does stop once in awhile.  Nothing new to report except the same ole thing.  Rain and cold, cold and rain.  Fed up.

I'm ready to abandon everything, hook up the trailer and head to all points southwest like Sonora, New Mexico or Arizona.  

That's all I have to say.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Pictures of the Accident


Here are pics of the accident.  No real damage to the SUV but the woman who rear ended the SUV totaled her vehicle.  The SUV was pushed 25 feet.  Amazing how just the right hit in just the right place can mean a minor scratch versus a totaled out car.

Back of the SUV

The rear ender.  Her company said it was totaled.  I think it looks repairable.